About Smape


Since the company’s foundation in 1989, Smape’s entire operating history has been distinguished by the ability to carry out unique and challenging projects.

We costantly developed during these years our attitude – which is now our identity – consisting in the opening to accept challenges on any task varying from technical to logistic, timing, or any particular requirement by the Client, with the capability to solve and find effective solutions. 

We apply our attitude to operative or technical processes as well as to management and Company’s itself proactive and dynamic approach to the business.

We Can Do It


Our Vision

Smape  is an independent, private company focused on specialized and high-value technical services for energy suppliers, and  plans to become a main player in its sector.Smape works to generate value for the stakeholders and for the community, the people and the planet.

Our Value Our Ethics

Everyone in Smape is committed to work in total respect of the Etichal Code , Policies and Guide Lines which trace the path to be followed by Smape organization.Please giva a look to our Ethical Code  attached ….

Our Mission

We will apply our  original attitude, our expertise and our skills to improve continuously our services and  to contibute to a significant growth of our sector to make energy available to the planet in the most effective, clean, honest, respectful way.

Our Role in the World

Smape aspire to have a role in the world. We work to create growth and value for the stakeholders , fully undertaking our social responsability, monitoring and  aiming all of the  targets of the   Agenda 2030 by  United Nations.

Our Services

Skills and


Our ISO  45001:2018 integrated system provides a total coverage and keeps us focused on the first target of our job.All people in Smape works to keep himself and the surroundings safe, contributing continuously to evaluate any detail and improving daily the work conditions.

Smape implemented since years the “Smaperscare” system, which is a direct and continuous channel from people to directors and viceversa for sharing problems, improvements, results.


Smape integrated system is certified  ISO  9001:2015 for Quality Assurance and ISO 14001:2015 for Environmental; furthermore Smape has a 100% coverage of the activity by ERP system which supports resources, supply chain, assett management and maintenance, customer relationship.Recently Smape has launched a program to implement Predictive Maintenance on main equipment and assets, adopting the best practices and technologies available on the market and making widely use of IoT.


Smape  has very professional and skilled people in each role.

From the Operation Management to the equipment operator Smape can offer to the Client skilled resources who have international experience and records by different part of the world and different working conditions.

Smape grows its own personnel with a strong training plan which include mandatorily a field experience and growing difficulties and challenges; the result is highly motivated people who will perform at best in every conditions and will proactively afford any event.


mape strongly believes in innovation as the mean to improve optimization, efficacy and reliability of the services.Digitalization of several phases of the processes helps to grant precision and to accurately manage any and every resource.CRESCO proprietary software is a platform where all involved role sof the organization can operate to manage missions, projects, crews, assets, equipment, transportations, schedules, mainteance plans.

Strategic equipment is equipped with 4G/5G or satellite connection so to share data with Central Control Room.CT SAFE is  a proprietary Data Acquisition Software which collect operative data and shares over the Internet with Central Control Room and/or the Client in ordere to give an additional support to field crew and engineers

We Have

We are the company who will
work on your well

Adaptive approach, focus on target, safety, quality, continuous challenging and improvement will drive the results.

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PEOPLE really count in Smape and are our own pillar; our employees, our clients, suppliers, the communities which we meet everyday are crucial for our organization. We want to be a safe and motivating environment, where meritocracy, respect, wellness are constantly applied.


PLANET is the only one we can count on, and we want to exert all possible efforts to keep it healthy. Our business continuity concept is stricltly linked to the limitation of the impact on habitat in the long term. Smape monitors such impact in terms of emissions, energy consumption, water consumption, waste production and studies how to reduce them and how


COMMUNITY is where we was born, and we want to give back value to our mother community and to any community we meet . Prosperity, health, growth, education, beauty. Smape knows how to create value, and we want to bring value to our community wherever we can.