Working in Smape means to join our vision and values and the opportunity to explore your aptitude to proactivity and problem solving.

Join our international Team

Our Team is made by highly specialized professional from different countries and cultures, consolidating a fresh environment where ideas and solutions are shared continuously.
Work with us and you will access specific training and opportunities to challenge yourself and the best in class in our services.
We ask to join our values and approach, the will to improve continuously and a solid, native inclination to serve our clients.

Forward your application and CV to: [email protected]

Recent Articles


Full Set of DownHole Data during CT Operations

Vista Logger is our solution for Real Time Logging while completing operations with Coiled Tubing; small O.D. , Flow-Throu capability, acquisition of wide number of parameters including but…
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Smape solution to protect the environment

A comprehensive Line of Chemical Products for Well Intervention designed to avoid or limit the impact on life, especially with regard to the marine environment. These chemicals additives…
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Data Acquisition and Remote Control

Our proprietary software for Data Acquisition during well intervention operations allow a full control of operative as well as equipment parameters, including real-time comparison with forces and fatigue…
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